Malasombra at Retro Parla 2021

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Feel the real magic at Retro Parla 2021

Magic exists, even if you can’t see it. Many of the most beautiful things in this world are invisible to our eyes, such as love, illusion or happiness. But just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean you can’t feel them. And it is precisely experiencing these feelings that makes us realize that we are really alive…

Malasombra - 4MHz

At 4MHz we want you to feel the magic, but the real magic. That magic capable of transporting you in tenths of a second to the ’80s, where you enjoyed those unforgettable video games without much more worries than that immense universe to discover concentrated in your 8-bit machine.

We invite you to relive those memories next Saturday May 15 at Retro Parla. Visit our booth and you will be able to try a special demo of Malasombra, our next big production.

Come to the 4MHz booth and feel the real magic!

More information

Malasombra is currently being developed by the 4MHz team for the NES console. Programmed in C and assembler, and conceived for a digital and physical publication in cartridge format, its publication date is not yet determined.

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